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All manx, bob-tailed, part-tailed, polydactyl, and polydactyl manx country cats are holistically raised. No chemicals or processed feeds are utilized. All cats are kept naturally healthy with natural species appropriate nutrition, outdoor sunshine, exercise, natural worming with food grade diatomaceous earth and quality care.

We do NOT ship any animals, so please do not ask. All must be picked up from us at Wolf Creek Ranch in southern California.

Please be sure to read our requirements for those wanting to purchase kittens from us on our Manx Cats web page.

Most of our kittens are sold before they are born. We have a waiting list and e-mail photos when kittens are approximately 4 weeks of age to those on our waiting list, so most of our kitten photos never make it to our website. To be placed on our waiting list, please E-Mail us advising what color and type of kitten you are looking for.

The following polydactyl, manx, and normal kittens are for sale. They were born March 29th, and April 12, 2008.  To see our Summer 2008 Polydactyl, Manx, & Poly Manx kittens - Click Here

The following are very furry/fluffy brown tabby females. The one on the left is a bob tailed manx. The one on the right is her normal toed and tailed sister. Both of their parents are brown tabby manx cats. ~ SOLD

Tabby Sisters Tabby Female Bobtail Tabby Female Bobtail

The following photos are the 2 manx female ~ SOLD:

Longer Tail Manx female Tabby Female Bobtail - Shorter Tail

The following is a younger (than kittens above) slightly fluffy furred tabby female bobtailed kitten ~ SOLD. The siamese polydactyl male in the photos with her is SOLD:

Ebony's Tabby Female Bobtailed Kitten Tabby Manx Female Tabby Female Bobtail

This handsome 6 week young short furred, gray white manx male has a cotton tail. He is SOLD. The tabby/white manx female in some of the photos with him is SOLD:

Tabby's Gray/White Male Cotton Tailed Manx Kitten ~ SOLD Gray White Manx Male ~ SOLD with his Tabby/White Female Bobtail Sister who is SOLD Gray White Manx Male and his sold Tabby/White Manx Sister


We have 2 male polydactyl / Hemmingway tabby kittens left. These photos were taken June 6, 2008. One is very short furred and the other has short fur. Both males have 6 toes on each front paw and 4 toes on each back paw. BOTH males are SOLD.

Below are photos of the 8 week young, longish furred, polydactyl male kitten - SOLD. He has six toes on each front paw and 4 toes on each back paw:

Poly Male Longer furred poly male kitten. Longer furred tabby poly males paws. Fluffy Tabby Poly Male

Below are photos of the 7 week young, short furred, polydactyl male kitten ~ SOLD. He has six toes on each front paw and 4 toes on each back paw:

Short furred Tabby Poly Male ~ SOLD Short furred poly male kitten paws ~ SOLD Longer furred tabby poly males paws.

Below are photos of the 14 week young, long furred, polydactyl male kitten taken 7-16-08. He has six toes on each front paw and 4 toes on each back paw:

 poly male kitten Poly Male attacking Manx Female


The following are two regular toed and tailed male siamese kittens. Their father is a siamese polydactyl. Both siamese kittens are SOLD.

Siamese normal toed and tailed male kitten. ~ SOLD Siamese normal toed and tailed male kitten. Siamese male kitten.  Kitten on left is SOLD.

IF you are interested in any of the kittens, we require a 50% deposit to hold them for you until you pick them up. Please E-Mail Us About Our Kittens.


This site is dedicated to all animals and their guardians. Whether you are here to find information and links to research holistic methods or just browsing, please feel free to linger as long as you wish.

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