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Reptaid helps eliminate coccidia and giardia protozoan!  Buy Reptaid to prevent coccidia infection or treat it for your reptilian friend!

Reptaid is a natural organic treatment remedy for reptiles. Reptaid was created to fight viral, bacterial, fungal, and microscopic parasite infections in reptiles weighing up to 300 grams. Reptaid XL is for reptiles weighing 300 grams or more.

What is Reptaid?
Reptaid has been formulated as an all-purpose anti-parasitic immune system treatment for reptiles. It is a blend of natural organic herbs which have been tested to assist reptiles in treatment for many parasites as well as bacterial infections and other debilitating ailments. It works in two ways. It serves to defeat the advance of parasites, bacteria and viruses, as well as boost the immune system of the animal so that its own immune system can function at full strength to conquer the troubling situation. For these reasons, uses for Reptaid are unlimited in the treatment of reptiles both in laboratory and home environments.

Reptaid is a natural organic treatment remedy for reptiles. Reptaid was created to fight viral, bacterial, fungal, and microscopic parasite infections in reptiles weighing up to 300 grams. Reptaid XL is for reptiles weighing 250 grams or more.

Reptaid contains antioxidants and is formulated to help your reptile overcome coccidosis (also known as coccidia or cocci), giardia (aka giardiasis), pin worms, upper respiratory infections, and other viral, bacterial, fungal, and protozoan health issues.

It is well known in the reptile world all known traditional medications have limited success with parasites afflicting reptiles (especially troubling for Coccidia in its various forms). Some veterinarians feel there is no drug which can conquer this persistent parasite. In addition, while undergoing treatments for parasites, reptiles often suffers loss of appetite and lethargy from the drugs. Reptaid has been used to successfully rid reptiles of coccidia in just 10 days of treatment. It is also effective against Roundworm and Pinworms, and possibly any other parasite which may afflict your reptile.

Reptiles, amphibians, and other beings that are infected with giardia can get it again, so it is essential to disinfect well. Finding the source of giardia is helpful, as eliminating giardia from your home and property can be difficult as the cysts are very hardy. They can survive standard chlorination protocols for drinking water. They survive freezing down to -13C and in drying fecal material for long periods of time.

One of the more serious medical conditions which reptiles encounter are respiratory infection. It can be treated with antibiotics but the side effects of such treatment often include loss of appetite and general malaise. Eye infections are also common among some breed of reptiles. Reptaid has proven very effective in the treatment of bacterial infections. Instead of a loss of appetite, the reptile usually responds with a very noticeable increase in appetite and vitality after just 2 days of treatment. And where antibiotics failed to work Reptaid has helped the reptile completely defeat the infection with no reoccurrence.

Reptiles suffer from a loss of appetite from time to time. Sometimes the reason is never determined. But Reptaid has been used as an appetite stimulant when no other medical issues were apparent. The result is a healthy, happy, hungry pet.

REPTAID can help:

  • Stimulate immunity
  • Rid the body of microscopic parasites such as Coccidia and Giardia
  • Kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • Soothe the digestive system
  • Rid the body of free radicals
  • Prevent coccidia or giardia if dosed preventatively

What are Reptaid's natural organic remedy ingredients?
Both Reptaid and Reptaid XL contain human grade organic anti-microbial and anti-parasitic herbs:
Olive leaf - An excellent anti-microbial against many species of virus and bacteria, as well as provides enhancement for the immune system. Olive leaf can lower blood pressure and improve circulation and help maintain blood sugar levels.
Brown Mustard seed - Used in fevers, colds, influenza with anti-parasite properties.
Black seed - Immune stimulant, digestive, detoxifying, expectorant. Black seed provides ubiquitous immune and circulatory effects, as well as support for the pulmonary, gastrointestinal, hepatic, and renal systems. Black seed is a detoxifier of the liver and blood pressure. It improves kidney functions, promotes the secretion or expulsion of phlegm, mucous or other matter from the respiratory tract, including the treatment of bronchial asthma, and promotes the expulsion of intestinal parasites, digestion and elimination.
Pau d'arco - Tonic, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-fungal, immune stimulant, cleanser. South American herb that reduces pain and enhances immunity; effective against microscopic parasites, fungus, viruses, and bacteria. It's particularly useful for infections of the upper respiratory system and gut. Large doses or continued use of this product can cause miscarriage in pregnant animals. Anti-bacterial. Large doses or continued use of this herb can cause miscarriage in pregnant animals.
Cloves - Anti-parasitic, anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, stimulant. It has a positive effect on stomach ulcers, stops vomiting, relieves gas, simulates digestion, kills parasites, exhibits broad anti-microbial properties, effective against fungal infections, pain reliever, tonic, and carminative.
Grapefruit seed extract - Bactericide, fungicide, anti-viral, anti-parasitic compound. The antimicrobial activity of grapefruit seed extract (citricidal) is in the cytoplasmic membrane where the uptake of the amino acids is prevented and disorganization of the cytoplasmic membrane and leakage of low molecular weight cellular contents.
Jatoba - Anti-candidal, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, stimulant, cough suppressant. For candida and yeast infections, fungal infections, prostatis, for cycstits and urinary tract infections, as a natural stimulant and energy tonic (tones, balances, strengthens overall body functions). Properties/Actions documented by research: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-candidal, anti-fungal, hepatoprotective (liver protector), mulluscicidal (kills snails). Other properties/actions documented by traditional use: anti-dysenteric, anti-spasmodic, astringent, carminative, cough suppressant, digestive stimulant, cough suppressant, diuretic, purgative (strong laxative), stimulant, tonic (tones, balances, strengthens overall body functions), vermifuge (expels worms), wound healer.
Grain Alcohol - Preservative, Intensifier. Intensifies while preserving the properties of this herbal tincture.
Filtered water

Care & Storage

When not being used for treatments, Reptaid continues to have a 4-year shelf life from date stamped on bottle when stored in a cool dry place AS LONG AS THE SMALL BOTTLE HAS NOT BEEN MIXED WITH THE LARGE BOTTLE. Once the bottles have been mixed, the mixture MUST be refrigerated. Keep out of direct sunlight.. The shelf life for Reptaid kept in the refrigerator is 1 year.

Reptile Weight
Under 25 grams
2-3 drops
25 grams
.013 ml
50 grams
.025 ml
100 grams
.05 ml
150 grams
.075 ml
200 grams
.10 ml
250 grams
.13 ml
300 grams
.15 ml
301 grams and up
**Use Reptaid XL**

**Suggested Use for larger reptiles:  Use Reptaid XL for reptiles weighing over 300 grams.

Suggested Use:  Read the product use insert carefully before beginning Reptaid or Reptaid XL treatment. Shake bottle well before use. Select proper dosage of Reptaid from the chart above. Administer Reptaid according to the dosing chart above once a day to the reptile for ten days. Wait 2 days and then repeat for 10 more days or until symptoms are completely gone and health is restored. It is best to administer the Reptaid in the morning, giving the metabolism of the Reptaid time to assimilate and benefit from the treatment throughout the day. Do NOT exceed recommended dose!

Suggested Immune System Enhancement Use: Give every other day for a maximum of 10 days.

Administering Reptaid:

  1. There are two containers in the package. A small vial and a 1 oz eye-dropper bottle. Shelf life of Reptaid, before opening the bottles is 4 years.
  2. Pour the small vial into the 1 oz bottle and shake well. Discard small vial.
  3. Once mixed, Reptaid MUST be kept refrigerated. Shelf life once mixed is 1 year.
  4. Administer Reptaid according to the dosing chart below 1 time a day to the reptile.
  5. Reptaid can be given orally, directly into the mouth of the animal. The best implement to use is a needleless syringe. Some animals will allow this and if the animal you are treating will accept oral treatments, then this method is the best option. Often a reptile will gape at you when you approach. Try to just inject the Reptaid into its mouth while it is gaping if possible. If the reptile will not gape or eat, then it becomes necessary to hold its mouth open long enough to insert the syringe and administer the Reptaid.
  6. Reptaid can be administered by injecting the solution into a feeder insect if you are certain that your reptile will eat the insect right then when you offer it. You have to watch the insect be eaten to be sure that your reptile is getting his treatment. It does no good at all to inject an insect and the let it loose in the cage for the reptile to catch it free range style. For one thing, you don't know if your reptile will ever eat that specific insect. And very likely the insect would not live very long after being injected with Reptaid.
  7. The best insect to use for injecting the Reptaid is the Blaptica Dubia cockroach. You have to use a syringe with a needle for this application. Just turn the dubia over and inject the proper amount of Reptaid into the soft underbelly, then offer the dubia to the reptile right away. You can also use crickets in the same manner. Silk worms do not seem to work very well for this application and have not proven effective in this application of Reptaid. Mealworms, wax worms, and hornworms may work but these have not been tested as yet.
  8. You can also treat tiny pygmy leaf chameleons or very young chameleons of other species. The idea here is to get some very small drops into the mouth. You can use a paperclip to very gently pry open the mouth. If you can't get the mouth open, at least just get the lips apart so the drop will land between the lips in the gum area of the mouth. For this dosage, use the syringe with the needle and just squeeze out two or three tiny drips into the chameleon's mouth. There is enough Reptaid in those tiny drips to help the animal.
  9. Continue treatment for 10 days or until symptoms are completely gone and health is restored. It is best to administer the Reptaid in the morning, giving the metabolism of the Reptile time to assimilate and benefit from the treatment throughout the day.
  10. As with any treatment for parasites, it is suggested that you test the animals fecal after treatment until you have 3 clean fecal tests. Be certain to disinfect the cage and all cage furnishings so re-infection does not occur.

Dosage Instructions:

  1. The basic guideline for dosage is .1cc ( .1ml) per 100 gram animal weight per day. This is equal to about 2 drops from the eye dropper. There are 20 drops in a ml. It is much better to use the supplied syringe without the needle to accurately dose Reptaid.
  2. If your animal weighs 50 grams, then cut the dosage in half. Since .05ml is a very small amount of fluid, you can draw that much Reptaid in the syringe and then draw in about .05ml of water so you still have .1ml to inject into the reptile or his feeder.
  3. If you are treating babies or pygmies, then you administer drips from the syringe WITH the needle. These are tiny tiny drips from the orifice of the needle.
  4. A drop comes from the eye-dropper. A drip comes from the orifice of the needle.

When not being used for treatments, Reptaid continues to have a 4-year shelf life from date stamped on bottle when stored in a cool dry place AS LONG AS THE SMALL BOTTLE HAS NOT BEEN MIXED WITH THE LARGE BOTTLE. Once the bottles have been mixed, the mixture MUST be refrigerated. Keep out of direct sunlight. The shelf life for Reptaid kept in the refrigerator is 1 year.

How much Reptaid will you need?

Supplement Fact Chart
Serving Size - See Chart Below
Reptile Weight Reptaid Servings Per 1 oz. Bottle # of Reptile's Treated
Under 25 grams 2-3 drips 800 180
25 grams .025 ml 1200 120
50 grams .05 ml 600 60
100 grams .1 ml 300 30
150 grams .15 ml 200 20
200 grams .20 ml 150 15
250 grams .25 ml 120
300 grams .30 ml 100 10

Chart is based on a once daily for 10 days treatment plan.

Warning:   Keep Reptaid out of reach of children. . Reptaid is to be used only for the care of reptiles. Do not give to animals receiving other antibiotics. Do not give in addition to HWF, Kocci Free, Urinary Tract Relief, Vibactra, Vibactra Plus, or Kennel-Koff. Do not give to gravid (pregnant) reptiles. Do not exceed recommended dose. An overdose can cause miscarriage. Watch for allergic symptoms such as hives, trouble swallowing and swelling around the eyes. Discontinue use if these symptoms are present.

The dosing guidelines must be followed exactly as written. Reptaid is to be used ONLY for the care of reptiles. Under normal circumstances improvement in the reptile's health will be indicated by improved vitality, appetite, color, and attitude. Discontinue use if there is a noticeable decline in general health or any adverse symptoms occur. Overdose of this product can cause serious side effect to include: irritability, change in behavior, reduced consciousness, vomiting and subsequent dehydration, coma, or death. One must not exceed the daily recommended dose. It is important to weigh your reptile before administration of this product to obtain accurate daily dosing. Continuous use of Reptaid or Reptaid XL without appropriate scheduled interruption is to be avoided, as it is associated with clinically significant listlessness, diarrhea, and vomiting. As with any nutraceutical or pharmaceutical product, Reptaid may cause an allergic reaction that may manifest as potentially a serious condition. Any suggestion of allergic reaction, even the most subtle, should alert the reptile owner or veterinary health care provider to cease any further administration of Reptaid and to assess for interventional measures for such a reaction. One should have all of the appropriate emergency contact information readily available before starting this or any nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, or nutritional supplement. It is recommended that the pet owner, the novice in particular, discuss the use and side effect profile of this and any product with his or her veterinary health care provider. Co-administration of Reptaid with other agents must be done with caution. Co-administration with pharmaceutical antibiotics is considered safe in most instances with rare exception. One known exception is the co-administration of Reptaid with the antibiotic Baytril, which may have caused an adverse reaction of clinical significance. Therefore, this product should be given with caution when receiving prescribed antibiotics. Overdose of this product in a gravid (pregnant) reptile statistically increases the risk of miscarriage. Evidence of liver disease is a relative contraindication due to the presence of ethyl alcohol in this product (alcohol may be evaporated out of the Reptaid for safer use if your reptile has liver disease). This product should not be used with any medication that suppresses the immune system. All benefits and risks of this product should be weighed appropriately before use.

Click here for Amber Technology Herbal Tincture Information Pamphlet

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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Reptaid - Natural organic remedy is effective in the prevention and treatment of coccidia, giardia, viral, bacterial, fungal, and immune system health issues in reptiles and amphibians.

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