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HWF (formerly Heartworm Free)


HWF may help support normal cardiovascular function by detoxing foreign contaminates left by environmental stressors!

**The testimonials and reviews below are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your local veterinarian. Instead, these testimonials offer the reader information and opinions written by pet owners and/or veterinarians concerning animal health and products that they have used.**

The following are unaltered, and unedited email testimonials from happy pet owners who have used HWF (formerly Heartworm Free).

*These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. The information on this web site is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a physician or veterinarian. This information is not intended as a substitute for the reader's independent judgment and personal responsibility. Health issues are far too important to delegate to anyone else. It is highly recommended you research and seek information and counsel from as wide a variety of sources as possible, so you can make well informed educated decisions about you, your child's, or your pet's health, as in the end YOU make the decisions.

The HWF product cured my very large, very sick dog of heart worm...I am now using it as a preventative.
Gregory R.


Cured my dog of heart worms. Vet surprised, shared info with him.
Keith M.
Stockton, CA


I am writing to you to thank you for a great product. I took my dog Sadie for her 3 month check up to see how she was doing on her heartworm program. I started her on the program last September. When I found out that Sadie had heartworms, I had to make a decision in which direction I was going to go in. Of course there is always the main stream direction. Which is very harsh and can be very dangerous especially for an older dog. Sadie was 12 years old at the time. She is now 13 years. Leaning more towards natural healing, which I have done for many years, and help many people to cure their ailments, I wanted to find a way if I would be able to help Sadie get rid of the worms in a safer way. I did some surfing on the internet and came across your company. I really didn't know if your product would do the trick, but I decided to give it a try. I followed the HWF suggested use protocol very carefully, and had her checked every three months to see if it was working. At the first visit after starting her on the program, the worms were no longer producing babies. I felt that this was a very good sign and proceeded to continue with the program. I took her yesterday for another check up, and I just received a phone call from the vets office telling me that she was now heartworm free. It took one year, but it was well worth the time. I now have a very healthy, happy dog. Thanks again for a wonderful product. I will still be purchasing your product for both my dogs as a preventive program. Thanks again ..... Michael L.


Hi Julie,
Just wanted to give you an update on Minook. I've got just under 3 weeks left on his four month treatment and everything has gone well. I took him in for his 9 week microfilaria check and it came back negative. My vet, who's been pretty skeptical of the treatment did a 180 when he couldn't find any microfilaria. It's so important that anybody using this treatment get themselves fully educated on heartworms and how the treatment works. When I booked the 9 week appt I told them it was to get Minook tested for microfilaria. When I showed up, I said I was there to have Minook tested for microfilaria. When I saw the vet, I told him I was there to have Minook tested for microfilaria. He drew blood and here's how the rest of it went:
He put a drop of blood on a tester, waited a minute, and then shook his head, set it in front of me and said, "Red line".
"What does the red line mean?"
"It means the heartworms are still there."
"I know they're still there. They're supposed to be still there. Does this test detect microfilaria???"
"No, it tests for the pathogens given off by the heartworms."
"I'm here to get Minook tested for MICROFILARIA (dips*&t!). Test him for microfilaria!"

He took the rest of the blood sample, put it under a microscope, and came back a few minutes later completely blank faced and kinda muttered, "I didn't find any."

"Thank you! That means the treatment's working. Got it?"

His attitude completely changed and his interest is definitely piqued. He said that even though the first test came back positive, the worms could be dead and decaying.

Anyway, my point here is that if I had just looked at that first test without knowing it was the wrong test, I would've taken the vets word for it, done the unthinkable, and scheduled Minook to get shot up with arsenic. I would've abandoned the treatment even though it was working. I'm sure most of the people using HWF are doing so because they're educated, or educating themselves, but it's definitely something you don't want to overlook.
Best Regards,
Brad A.
Trinidad, CO


Hi---I ordered your HWF product for my two labs 9 weeks ago--they were tested on Monday and their microfilira came back negative!! My family and I are so excited. The Vet is still not convinced that this product did the trick and said I should still consider "their" method to get rid of heart worms!! I told him "NO THANK YOU"!!! What should their dosage be to continue out their treatment--I have lost my instructions. Thank you again--and I would be HAPPY to be used as a testimonial.
The Adcock Family--Christina, Garrett, Christopher, Luke-choc lab (8), Sammie-Yellow Lab (4)


Just wanted to share some good news!! Cheyenne, my German Shepherd, has been on HWF, Hawthorn and Dandelion, and Kidney Rejuvenator since December 29th. I had her checked for Microfilaria Today and the vet could not find any!! Yeah!!

Thank you for saving Cheyenne's life! She would have never survived the conventional heartworm treatment and HWF is restoring her health right before my eyes!! All your help is so appreciated!!
Holly W.


I just wanted to write and tell you my story about the heart worm treatment I got from you 4 years ago for our Beagle, Susie after my internet search for a natural treatment. She had been diagnosed with heart worms at the local vet and he wanted me to take her to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital for a brutal treatment of shots. I just could not do that to my dog. After finding your site, I took a chance, (even though I myself, was skeptical) and ordered the Heartworm treatment, the Kidney Rejuvenator, and the Diatomaceous Earth and started the regimen. It was a challenge with Susie though, she spit the Heartworm medicine all over me the first time, and I had to resort to goggles, and a lab coat to give it to her! Then she got angry at me and refused to open her mouth for a while to take the medicine, but finally, after weeks of struggling, she got used to it and let me give it to her! I used the Diatomaceous Earth as directed also and the Kidney Rejuvenator.

The Vet had also told me that Susie had kidney failure, and so I was really hoping the Kidney Rejuvenator would work. After 6 months I took her back to the vet and he tested her again (I did not tell him that I was using the natural treatment). He said she was still positive for heartworms. So, I waited a couple of weeks and started the regimen again.

Later on, that vet also told me that Susie had a pulled tendon and needed surgery @$1500.00! I emailed Wolf Creek Ranch and was advised to give her MSM which I did. I kept her on rest and gave her the MSM, and within weeks she was back to normal, WITHOUT surgery! It also helped with her collapsed trachea problem!

A year later, I took her back to the vet and she tested NEGATIVE for heart worms! We moved 2 years ago and I recently took Susie to a new vet and she got a complete physical. She was negative for heart worms STILL, and her kidney function was NORMAL!!

Thank you for all you help with our dog. You have saved us a lot of money and helped her too!>br /> Karen H.


Just wanted you to know:
I have a grooming customer that fostered and adopted a heartworm positive poodle. The vet would not treat her due to age and how serious the damage was. So I gave her your telephone number. She called and ordered Heartworm Free.

She is elderly and does not have a computer, so I dont know if she has called to let you know that the poodle is now Heartworm Negative!! I groom the precious lil senior dog. and Im just so proud.

I tell everybody I know about your website, and several people have ordered formulas for different ailments. I also groom a little FAT yorkie that just couldnt lose weight, so I told her you have a formula for thyroid. She ordered online, and the little dog is now losing weight.

When my little old chihuahua was in kidney failure I kept her going for 6 more months on your kidney and life cell formula. My vet wanted to put her down, I said no and came home and ordered right away. She did die 6 mo later, but I got to spend more time with her and didn't have to put her down, she died here at home.

Thank you for all you do and such a wonderful, informative website. I read it over and over.
Pam K.
Breckenridge, TX


Greeting's from Louisiana,
This is my Golden Retriever Roch. He's the bigger dog in the pictures. The smaller dog is our cavalier spaniel named Josie May. Roch was diagnosed with heartworms two years ago. He was 10 years old at the time and our vet recommended that we do not do the traditional treatment because he stood a chance of not living through it. Instead, with the recommendation of our vet, we started a regimen of doxycline every six months that was suppose to maybe slow the progression of the heartworms. I was devastated and really stuck in a hard place. I knew the treatment option we choose would still ultimately result in my boy (Roch) dying of heartworms but I was too scared to put him through the harsh traditional treatment. We continued with this treatment for the last two years. I have been slowly watching my dog dwindle away. His hair started falling and becoming dry and brittle. His abdomen was swollen and full of fluid and he hacked all the time. His spine was even starting to protrude noticeably. I knew the heartworms were taking their toll on my sweet baby and there was nothing I could do. About 11 weeks ago I went out of town for business and when I came back and walked in the house there was my little girl Josie and my wife to greet me but there was no Roch. I looked in my wife's eyes and my heart sank. I started freaking and running around the house screaming for my Roch. I didn't even give my wife time to tell me what was wrong. He was lying in the extra room dazed and almost unable to lift his head. I tried lifting him and he would fall back down. My wife told me that this all started earlier that day but didn't want to tell me until I got home because she knows how much our animals means to us. The next morning I took him to our vet who told us that he potentially had a stroke from a piece worm lodging in a vessel or that it was from inflammation around his brain, which apparently can be caused by heartworms. There really wasn't much we could do. We were sent home with some steroids to reduce the inflammation. That moment is when I decided there has to be something out there that can help. Deep inside I truly thought that it was wishful thinking but couldn't live with myself for not trying. Heartworm Free was actually the first website I stumbled upon. After reading everything on it along with the testimonials I said what the heck it's worth a try. The reason I am writing this is because today made the 9 week mark that my boy has been on the treatment. He was tested yesterday for the microfilaria and he was NEGATIVE!!!!!! I can't explain what that means to us. Not only did he test negative for the microfilaria but he has regained his weight, he doesn't hack anymore, his fur feels like it did when he was a puppy and he is a happy, loving life dog again. This medicine is a miracle! I know that he isn't done with the regimen but he is on his way to success. Sorry that my story was so long but I really wanted you guys to realize what our animals mean to us and what you guys have done for Roch, Josie, my wife and myself. Please, please feel free to post this as a testimonial wherever you would like. Truly thank you for soo much!
Marcus Gagnard and the rest of the family



I am so happy to share this with you, and we BOTH thank you so very much.

My 11 yr. old Belgian Turnverein, Honzie, tested NEGATIVE for heartworm's.

I started the HWF treatment in October of '08, and re-tested in August of '09...and Honzie still tested positive..... So, with all faith and belief, I immediately started another treatment period with HWF at a double dose. We went the suggested 10 wks. of treatment, and the 4mo. waiting period......With all anticipation of success, we retested.........at Carolinas Veterinary Medical Hospital in Charlotte, NC., with Dr. Angie DiLillo.

Nobody at the hospital had ever heard of this product, and all were amazed at the test results.......NEGATIVE . They looked for Microfilaria and found NONE. HONZIE was heartworm FREE.

I explained the treatment to Dr. DiLillo and her staff, and the Dr. looked on the internet for Veterinary feedback for HWF.......ALL feedback that was posted was either sarcastic, or pessimistic.

Thank you Julie, and to all of the staff at Wolf Creek Ranch, and the curators of this product at Amber Technologies.

I am here to tell you that HEARTWORM FREE .....WORKS.
Scott L.
Charlotte, NC


Thank you to ALL who have submitted their testimonials & photos of their wonderful furry canine friends!


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